19 August, 2011


My blank straw/chip hat from Just Two Tailors arrived in the mail two days ago, and this weekend I plan on shaping it. Silk ribbon has been ordered from Wm. Booth, Draper to decorate it, as well as a pocket embroidery kit by Southcoast Historical. Not sure when that package will arrive, hopefully this weekend, so I can show my haul here. I'm really excited about this pocket; my friend Sam illustrated it based on extant samples in private and museum collections, and she's a very talented illustrator. So talented that her designs have been ripped off! That means you're successful, right?

I've got a very special treat in the works as well. This past Monday I photographed an exhibit I designed for my portfolio, and the curator has given me his blessing to blog about it (he is also a close personal friend, so maybe that had something to do with it). Woohoo! The exhibit is called What's Under Things? Hidden Colonial Clothing, and is focuses on 17th and 18th century underwear (and one 19th century item, a busk)! I did the graphic design for the exhibit (with the exception of the labels) as well as consulted on the layout and flow of the cases. I'm excited to show this exhibit off, I'm very proud of it, and there are some great pieces--like an extant 17th century bodice with provenance to Mayflower passenger Mary Chilton Winslow, and an extant 18th century working class stays. So sweet! The tiny lace stomacher is also a great extant example, even though it looks like a certain type of women's underwear.

What's Under Things? is on display until December 31st, 2011, at Pilgrim Hall Museum in Plymouth, MA. 75 Court Street. Open 9:30 - 4:30 daily.

So, stay tuned! Some great stuff coming up!

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