11 August, 2011

In the beginning ...

There was a dress. Not just any dress, but an 18th century gown. Based on an original in the Kyoto Costume Institute, it was a pink, yellow and green crossbarred silk taffeta robe a la fran├žais.

I wore that dress nearly two years ago to the day.

It was the beginning of a head-first plunge into living history, reenacting, learning about sewing, garments, gown construction. I was hooked, bitten by this gown, by the stays that transformed my body, by my suddenly small waist and huge, false hips, by the feeling of wearing the past. I am still giddy over that gown.

Now, two years later, I've embarked on a journey to learn how to hand sew in the period technique, how to construct my own 18th century wardrobe, and soak up as much knowledge and information and education that my brain can absorb. How fortunate am I to have my own 18th century Fairy Godmother, who has taken me under her wing and began my 18th century education the right way? And for the introduction to her through a friend and professional colleague (who has always believed in me, no matter what ridiculous direction I happen to throw myself into); it truly made me believe in fate.

And so, this is the beginning. Bring band aids.
Me, August 2009. Gown by the amazing
Hallie Larkin, my 18thc. Fairy Godmother,
to whom I owe my 18thc. obsession to.
Photo by Ed Nute.


  1. Welcome to the 18th century blog world! Gorgeous work :)

  2. Thank you! I'm having quite a fun time diving head first into this. :)