12 December, 2011

Back to blogging

Ah, I am so sorry for my absence of late! I have been so busy with work and finishing up graduate school, but I plan on blogging much more now that grad school is FINISHED! I owe you all ...

  • the Mercy Bradford cloak mystery
  • the creation of my own short cloaks, and how I messed them up
  • how I will be fixing my short cloak
  • STAYS!!!!!! I am making my own pair of stays!
  • new fabric in the stash
  • my dress form!
Quite a bit to catch up on. I will get through that list, promise! Let's cross one off now; here are my yellow stays on my brand new dress form!

She needs some padding to get to my measurements but otherwise, she wears my printed cotton gown proudly. :P