13 March, 2012

Happy 279th Birthday, Johann Zoffany!

Looking back on earlier posts, it seems as if I never posted about Johann Zoffany and the exhibit at the Yale Center for British Art that I went to see before it closed back in February. Zoffany quickly surpassed Copley for me, as an artist, though his clients are the super aristocrats of Europe versus the wealthy in the colonies. Still, Zoffany's level of detail is exquisite, and one could easily scrape off the excess of his clientele and use his works as inspiration for clothing fit for the gentry class here in New England (and if you scrape even more off, probably the middling class).

Thanks to Twitter, I learned that today is Zoffany's birthday (many thanks to the Two Nerdy History Girls for retweeting the Georgian Gentleman's tweet about it), so, many celebrations to Mr. Zoffany! I will raise a toast to him tonight! Below, my favorite painting by him; look at that blue riding habit!

The Drummond Family, ca. 1769. Johann Zoffany. Oil on canvas.
Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection. No accession
number given.

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