06 March, 2012

Fabrics For Sale

Part of building up a fabric stash is parting with fabric you know you'll never use (to make room for more fabrics you will use). I have two fabrics that I know I will not use, so I'd like to offer them to my blogosphere friends before I post them on The Hive.

Both fabrics are lightweight twill weave worsted wools from Burnley and Trowbridge. One is gown length (4.5 yards) of a light blue-gray that is sort of slate like in color; it's an odd color so I will give its new owner the matching prewaxed silk thread. The other is 2.5 yards (petticoat length) of the cinnamon, a photo of it from B&T is below.

The cinnamon lightweight wool from Burnley and Trowbridge.

I would strongly recommend that experienced seamstresses or tailors get these; the twill weave makes these two wools really bouncy, and the blue-gray in particular is a pin vomitter! Last July, when I took my first gown workshop, another participant had the same wool and it dropped pins like crazy. But if you're a beginner and up for a challenge--go for it. You're braver than I!

Both of these fabrics cost $12/yd and I'll break even on them, $54 for the blue-gray and $30 for the cinnamon. I'd ask that buyer pays shipping. And, I will get a photo of the blue-gray tomorrow morning in good light!

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