31 October, 2011

A few quick notes on the "Mercy Bradford" cloak.

I put "Mercy Bradford" in quotations for a very good reason: I don't think it's Mercy Bradford's cloak, nor does whoever wrote the accession card!

There's much more to come on this subject, including photos (which I have express permission to post, it's really good to be friends with a curator!), but I couldn't let you all hang in suspense while I prepare the big post. Especially while it's fresh in my mind!

A few notes on the cloak, that are of interest to me, and I'm assuming you all, too:
  • The scarlet red cloak is not stitched with scarlet red thread! The seams are sewn with yellow thread; however you don't see the yellow for the most part.
  • The black velvet trim is only on the right side of the fabric and is stitched with black thread.
  • This cloak has both a hood and a collar.
  • There are two strange, non-working "pockets," for lack of a better term, up by the shoulders. They are stitched down on three sides.
I found a few surprises that no one, not even the curator, noticed. But I'll save those for the big post!

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