04 October, 2011

2am realizations.

The beginnings of some juicy raspberries.

I have been working diligently away on the embroidery. I am really so in love with embroidering, it's very zen and soothing. Saturday night, I ended up staying up until 2 am because I had no concept of time while embroidering! It goes by really quickly though, and I wasn't even tired. I had to force myself to put it down and go to bed.

Finished berries.
However, at 2 am I had the realization that I have been embroidering on the wrong side of the linen since the start. I noticed this when looking at the berries on the linen and on the color code; they were reversed on the linen from the color code. Flipping over the linen, the black ink could still be seen ... and I felt like an idiot! I wasn't ripping all of my hard work out, and in any case, no one will see the pocket. So I know for my next one, don't do it on the side with the ink!

When this pocket is completed, I'll be buying a second pocket kit in the same style (the Salem). My biggest concern with getting closest to the end of the embroidery is putting the pieces together. I'm sure it will be fine, but from reading the instructions over I'm already confused! One at a time, one at a time.

My list of things to complete/begin is ever-growing, especially since I'm now planning on attending a ball in early January, so I'll be making a formal silk gown for that. My yellow silk gown is a practice attempt for silk, and I consider this more formal gown a practice gown for the summer garden party in 2012. But there's still a lot to do!
  • Finish rewhipping a small section of the lining down in my cotton gown
  • Sew and hem the pumpkin petticoat from its basted state
  • Finish pleating the back panels of the cotton petticoat, then join the front and back and hem it
  • Buy wool broadcloth to make a short cloak for an event on Nov. 19
  • Pick out silk and linen lining for January's gown
  • Buy linen lining for the yellow silk gown
  • Make sleeve flounces
  • Make panniers and a hip roll to keep the pannier steady
  • Make silk mitts
  • Maybe a new, fine linen shift with lace edging on the neck?
So much to do, but thankfully it's all fun stuff!


  1. That's looking great! And don't worry about putting together the pockets. I just did a pair tonight and they went surprisingly fast and easy. I'll post the process tomorrow if you want to take a peak. There will be pictures :) Also, I have seen An unfinished extant piece from the 18th century where you can still see the ink tracing where the embroidery wasn't completed, and on the front side. I think it was an apron.

  2. Thank you, Caroline! I will definitely take a look at your post; are you planning on flat-felling the seams? I'm contemplating that (though I've never done it), so the linen doesn't unravel when I reach in and pull something out. But it's a very small seam allowance (1/4"), so I may just whip it down to itself once the sides are sewn together.

    And thanks for the hint on the extant ink! I tried to be really careful and cover all of the ink, but there are some spots where it shows through. Thankfully, it won't be seen, so I can let my neurotic perfectionist brain quit nagging over it. ;)