29 September, 2011

Needle + wool thread = aahhh.

Stressed out? Anxious? Need to clear your head?


Seriously, this pocket is so, so relaxing. I thought I would have had it done a while ago, but life gets in the way. Still, I've been stressed out with a new job starting out soon, so I picked up the pocket again after a few days of not working on it. And aahhh, I feel the giant knot in-between my shoulder blades melting away. I'm thinking I need to do this more.

So far, I've mostly outlined in the stem stitch and filled in with the satin stitch. I've tried the chain stitch twice but I don't like the look of it for what I used it for. There are some bigger spaces in the pattern that I would like to try the New England Laid stitch, though I'm not fretting over only using two stitches.

I've started a second color and I can't wait to get some of the brighter shades in. I'm really glad I started on a simpler design, but I think I would have had no issue with something a bit more complex. I definitely want to do a stomacher now, for my forthcoming wardrobe.

Take a peek at my progress (first, pulling through in satin stitch, then an overall shot of my progress):


  1. I love watching this progress! I need to do a crewel pocket of my own.

  2. It's so lovely to do. I feel very zen after just a few stitches!