22 February, 2012

Combined Panel 1+2 and Worked Eyelet

When I work on my stays, I always start out with the panels on the right side. My boning channel map is of that same side, and if I copy it (almost) directly, then the opposite side tends to be much easier.

I say "almost" because a few of my panels have been modified--this panel is no exception. If you look closely, you'll see that the left side of the panel has a channel, an odd gap, and two more channels. That was me goofing up; I didn't make sure my map was the same size as my actual panel and the diagonal channels should have been longer. Oops! Since I have a limited amount of steel and an even shorter window of time to get these done, I am not redoing them. Instead, I will just mirror that mistake onto the left panel. Then it's on purpose. :)

My stays will have shoulder straps so I did an eyelet up top. It got a bit small with the threads but overall I'm happy with it. Our modern eyelets look incredibly neat next to an extant pair, some of those are so sloppy! I rather like working the eyelets, but next time I'm cutting more thread and/or using a shorter needle. Trying to bury the knot was not fun with the needle I'm using (long, for the thick, coarse linen), and coupled with very little excess made for a difficult time.

Three panels, a bunch of eyelets, shoulder straps, boning, and binding left!


  1. Your stitches look so even. :C So jealous.

    Are you covering the linen with a fashion fabric, or are you also doing plain linen stays?

    1. Thank you! I have been told my backstitch is the envy of all. :)

      Nope, just plain linen, partially boned stays. I would be in serious doo-doo if I was covering my stays with fashion fabric!