12 January, 2012

Back to blogging, part deux!

Oh, real life, why must you get in the way?! I've had so much to do lately that blogging has had to take a back seat, though I've been doing a lot related to the 18thc. and history in general.

In addition to the list I posted last time, I have a few more things to blog about, including making a foam bust for a 17thc. bodice (so cool!) and how I am finally, truly, finishing my printed cotton gown! The Twelfth Night Ball tomorrow evening put on by the Sudbury companies has been my main motivation, and I still have to finish hemming my self petticoat; I have, though, put on cuffs (I don't think they are particularly good, though) as well as added buttons and silk ribbon so I can polonaise the gown. It looks great polonaised, and I'm really surprised that this very light fabric folds and drapes so nicely when done up!

I'll leave you with a photo of the wig I'm wearing tomorrow night, before the decorations were added. A good friend showed me how to style it, and it looks SO GOOD on. Hooray!

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